Hi, welcome to my site!

I'm Gherart but fortunately I also have a normal name like Simo, you can choose!

Born in Milan and grown up in the Piemonte mountains of the magical Maira Valley in Italy, I have always fought the demons populating my creative imaginary universe

through art and drawing, sometimes falling other times winning glorious wars.

Brera Academy for me has been one of the most exciting and effective training area ever experienced before, from which i drew skills and great inspiration for my art projects as painter, illustrator and graphic designer. 

Videogames, books, films, comics and music are the arts I grew up with as a child, while pen, pencils, acrylics and brushes are the tools with which I have been able to put my passions into practice. 

If you're on this page we probably share at least one of these subjects and, as we say here in Italy, for me it's already "Tanta roba"!


If you're interested in discussing some projects you can contact me via email or Instagram, or if you want to browse, make yourself at home and enjoy this website !